Yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch!

Please join us at the community panel and complimentary lunch on Friday at noon at the Mercer Auditorium, 1250 E. 66th Street in Savannah! Our panel of spiritual leaders will discuss “The Caregiver Crisis and how Religious Communities can Help” … read more

A year-end message

Hospice Savannah used to have a tag line for its advertising that read “Adding Life to Days”. Even though we don’t use that tagline much anymore, we certainly still believe it! It is a difficult time of year to make … read more

Music and Memory

Many of you have seen the moving U Tube clip of Henry, an elderly non-communicative nursing home patient “coming alive” as he hears music from his favorite artist Cab Calloway playing though headphones.  The clip, which went viral with more … read more

A message from our Hospice House volunteer coordinator

Not every one has the time to go through our extensive volunteer training and volunteer on a regular basis, but hosting a snack drive is an easy and meaningful way for community volunteer groups, Sunday school classes, school groups, etc. … read more

A Yoga Relay Fundraiser!

One of the most healing things we can offer exhausted caregivers at the Edel Caregiver Institute is an hour of deep breathing and relaxation, coupled with some basic stretching yoga poses. Caregivers are notoriously bad about taking time for themselves, … read more

Happy Fourth!

Hospice Savannah recognizes our patients who are veterans with a Pinning Ceremony conducted by a fellow member from their branch of the armed services. The patient pictured was a recipient of both a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his … read more