A message from our Hospice House volunteer coordinator

Not every one has the time to go through our extensive volunteer training and volunteer on a regular basis, but hosting a snack drive is an easy and meaningful way for community volunteer groups, Sunday school classes, school groups, etc. … read more

A Yoga Relay Fundraiser!

One of the most healing things we can offer exhausted caregivers at the Edel Caregiver Institute is an hour of deep breathing and relaxation, coupled with some basic stretching yoga poses. Caregivers are notoriously bad about taking time for themselves, … read more

Happy Fourth!

Hospice Savannah recognizes our patients who are veterans with a Pinning Ceremony conducted by a fellow member from their branch of the armed services. The patient pictured was a recipient of both a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his … read more

For my Dad on Fathers’ Day

“I have two pictures of who my dad is. It is a classic before and after kind of thing. My dad was my champion, my bedtime story reader, a compass with which to direct my life, and the person whose … read more

Who Cares for the Family Caregiver?

We appreciate Gabreille Ware’s  GPB broadcast on the issues facing family caregivers. Take a listen! As she points out, our Edel Caregiver Institute is the only institute in the state that provides hands-on training to caregivers. Additionally, we provide a … read more

Our annual report to the community

Tomorrow is our 2016 Annual Meeting when we thank Board members who have served in the past and welcome new officers and members. Each attendee will receive a copy of our 2015 Annual Report to the Community.  While other hospices … read more

Empathy Eases Death’s Pain

So often we are at a loss for words when someone dies. How do we express our sadness while extending comfort to the bereaved? In this beautiful NPR piece, Ann Finkbeiner speaks of the almost magical healing she experienced from caring … read more

Repeat after me: Hospice means more care, not less

Despite our reputation for superior end-of-life care, it often feels like a frustrating and sometimes futile job trying to market our services. It makes me want to have advance directives conversations as a mandatory high school class,  or to make … read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear community supporters, Thank you for your kindness in helping our friends, neighbors, and loved ones through challenging and difficult moments. Last year, because of your financial support, 1,224 patients received the best clinical, psychosocial and spiritual support at their … read more