Summer Nights Parties


What do the parties support?

Donations to Summer Nights make a difference each and every day in the lives of our patients and their families. Gifts support caregivers during challenging times, offer comfort to those living with life-limiting illnesses, and ensure that the bereaved need not face loss alone. We are able to honor the patriotic service of veterans in our care, keep beloved pets together with our patients, provide massage therapy, music therapy and story keeping, and offer many other special “extras’ not covered by Medicare or insurance.

In 2016 our parties raised more than $35,000. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here is the information you need if you’d like to think about hosting a party next summer:

Guests will receive a letter from our Foundation thanking them for their tax-deductible donation.

Hosts will receive a letter from our Foundation thanking them for their gift-in-kind donation and a special gift will be provided for their party.

What if I’m uncomfortable asking my guests for donations?

You don’t have to! Donation cards will be inserted inside your guests’ invitations. They can be sent privately to our Foundation in the return envelope provided.

How do I get printed invitations?

Attractive invitations will be provided; Our Foundation staff can even complete them, address them and mail them if that helps you.

What if I have more questions?

Our Annual Giving Specialist, Ophelia Rodriguez, is here to help you! She can be reached at 912.629.1027 or  

Our 2016 party hosts

Our deepest appreciation to:

Elizabeth S. Jolly of Satchel (in memory of her dad), coffee.deli and the Midtown Pickers (in memory of Susan (Deason) Sheard and Ace Harris).

Beth Logan and Kathy Virant (at the home of Nancy Welcher)

Full Circle volunteer Betty Lewis and the “Live Goes On” bereavement support group

Paul Drwiega and Joan Chalikian

Richard Leigthon and Sylvia Fields

Linda Hollingsworth and Tammie Brinkley

Janet Flowers

Taqwaa Saleem and Adjhillah Johnson

Fran Kaminsky and Merry Bodziner

Penny Farley, Gail Shelley and Julie Coulter

The Roberts Family