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Sponsor an Event to Benefit Hospice Savannah

You can sponsor an event to raise funds for Hospice Savannah, Inc. This kind of activity is called a "third-party" event. Some examples may be a dance, auction, car wash, dress down days in the workplace, bowl-a-thon etc.

Three kinds of third-party events:

1. A group or individual can host an event or sponsor an activity and make Hospice Savannah the beneficiary, e.g. An organization hosts a golf outing and gives Hospice Savannah a check for the net profits.

2. Hospice Savannah can "piggy back" on an existing event, adding a third-party fundraising element, and receive the income produced from that element, e.g. a town has an annual 10 K race and the sponsor offers registrants the opportunity to get pledges for Hospice Savannah.

3. Invite Hospice Savannah to cooperatively produce an event (by providing volunteers, promotional assistance, mailing) and share in the profits, e.g. a local business invites Hospice Savannah to participate in an art auction. Hospice Savannah sends out press releases and provides volunteers to work at the event. In return, Hospice Savannah receives a percentage of the proceeds from the event.

Fundraising recommendations:

Hospice Savannah appreciates your interest in conducting a fundraising event on our behalf. We would like to recommend the following steps be taken:

1. A third-party fundraiser that requires any type of license should first be discussed with and approved by Hospice Savannah.

2. Keep accurate accounts of your event. Hospice Savannah will not be responsible for any expenses incurred for a third-party fundraising activity.

3. The fundraising activity should be one that does not conflict with the mission of Hospice Savannah.

4. Your fundraiser should not conflict with an existing Hospice Savannah fundraising event.

5. Remember that Hospice Savannah does not insure any third-party fundraisers.

Please contact our Coordinator of Donor Relations at 912.629.1055 for additional information and assistance.

Poker Run


A recent Poker Run held on our behalf. 

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