How We Use Hospice House

Living-room-at-HHMany long-time Hospice Savannah supporters remember the days when patients could stay at Hospice House for weeks or months on end. Increased scrutiny from Medicare has meant changes that are sometimes hard to explain to our patients and families. There are four ways that patients may access services in Hospice House.

When patients have difficult-to-mange symptoms like pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting or anxiety, they may need Crisis Care(skilled nursing care in their own home) or General Inpatient Care in Hospice House. By coming to Hospice House these patients can avoid costly hospital admissions yet still have frequent interventions and assessments by our nurses and physicians. However, Medicare only covers short stays ( a few days) of Crisis Care or General Inpatient Care and requires a plan to transition your loved one back home or to an extended care facility.  Exhausted caregivers can receive a break of up to five nights by having their loved ones come in for Respite Care. Medicare will pay for respite stays.

Some patients may choose to live at Hospice House as  Residential patients if beds are available. Medicare, Medicaid and some insurances will continue to pay for hospice care, but they will not pay the “room and board” fees. To live in the comfort and safety of Hospice House the daily cost is $190 for a private room as long as the patient is still eligible for hospice care. A contract is required. For more information, please contact Manager Tonya Scott-Green at 912.355.2289.





Left:  One of two spa rooms.After weeks or months of bed baths, patients enjoy being lowered into relaxing whirlpool tubs at Hospice House.