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“Don’t wait until the fourth Thursday in November, to sit with family and friends to give thanks. Make every day a day of Thanksgiving!”

~ Charmaine J. Ford

A tribute to our STAR!

Dr. Cassandra Green was recognized by the “Tribute to Community Stars” last month for her compassion and community spirit.

“Whether it’s the patients and families she is providing care for, her clinical team or members in the community, Cassandra possesses the ability to be present and to creatively solve problems to better the lives of others.”

~ Dr. Kathleen Benton

November is National Hospice & Palliative Care Month

An Overview of Medical Records

What Is Medical Records?

Hospice providers must establish and maintain a clinical record for every individual receiving care and services according to the Medicare Condition of Participation (COP). At Hospice Savannah, we retain those records for 10 years after patients discharge.

What Does Medical Records Do?

The Medical Records Department staff have developed a team spirit to support each other and work together for the benefit of Hospice Savannah patients and staff.

Some of the duties performed are:

  • Processing new patient admission documents and scanning into our EMR
  • Closing and completing all patient death and live discharge records
  • Ensuring all patient death certificates are registered with the Health Department in a timely manner
  • Tracking the status of physician orders for timely billing
  • Create any necessary copies of patient records for internal and external sources (Families, Coroner’s office, Disability documentation, Legal offices, Federal & State audits)
  • To be in compliance with CMS mandatory quality requirements:
    • Ensure all staff completes the Hospice Item Set (HIS) Admission and Discharges accurately, for timely submission
    • Deceased patient information for Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (CAHPS) surveys is gathered and submitted monthly to CMS

Meet Our Medical Records Team

Astrid Desa

Health Information & Compliance Manager

(912) 629-1052

Susan Miller

Health Information Coordinator

(912) 629-1029

Maquenta Bailey

Health Information Assistant

(912) 629-1031

Benefits Open Enrollment starts this month for the 2023 year!

*MAJOR change: this year will be passive open enrollment – your current benefits will automatically carry over into the new year unless you make changes to them.
Now is the time to review your current benefits in Paycom and be prepared to make changes, if needed.

Contact Human Resources for general questions.

Meet Our Newest Teammates!

Patti Brown – Homecare RN

Robyn Rinello – Homecare RN

Melissa Callaway-Fordham – HIPU RN (nights)

Dawn Martin – Nurse Practitioner, PRN

Patricia Moss – Homecare RN

31st Annual Tree of Light Ceremony

Sunday, December 4th
5:15 pm – 6:00 pm
Outdoors on the patio of the Demere Center for Living

6000 Business Center Drive, Savannah, GA 31405

We invite everyone to join us as our Full Circle grief counselors provide rituals, music, and healing tools to comfort you and your loved ones. The annual Tree of Light memorial service supports anyone in the community dealing with the death of a loved one, from any illness or cause, even those who weren’t Hospice Savannah patients.

Inspirational music will be performed by professional singers in partnership with the Savannah VOICE Festival. Names of those recognized with a donation in their honor or memory will be read during the forty-five minute gathering and will be displayed on our website.

Additionally, people can be remembered in our printed program, if a donation is received by noon on Monday, Nov. 21st, 2022, clearly labelled with the honoree’s full name, as well as the donor’s full name.

Earn a $1,000 Recruitment Bonus!

Any staff member, regardless of their job title, who recruits a full-time RN, who then stays with Hospice Savannah for a minimum of 12 months, will receive a $1,000 recruitment bonus!  To make the referral, contact HR at (912) 629-1093.

Upcoming Hospice Savannah & Foundation Events

Be sure to Save-the-Date for these upcoming events:

  • Veteran’s Day Parade | Downtown Savannah | Friday, November 11th | 9am
  • Tree of Light | Supporting Full Circle Grief & Loss Center | Sunday, December 4th | 5:15 pm – 6:00pm

Staff Tribute Campaign

Attention Staff!  We’ve faced so many challenges over the past few years – and some that we are likely to never forget.  And for those good memories, events, and people who we want to keep in our hearts and minds, we’re initiating our 2022 Staff Tribute Campaign.  This will allow you to share the memories of friends, loved ones, or family that you may have lost during our challenging years, or even before.  It’s also a way to honor co-workers, friends, family, loved ones, or maybe even an organization that stepped up in such a big way that you feel they deserve special, long lasting recognition.

Our Staff Tribute Campaign offers our staff the purchase of a brick for $50 (original cost $200), or a leaf for $200 (original cost $1,000).  It’s your choice, HIPU or the Demere Center, as to where you will have your brick laid or your brass tribute leaf installed on a tribute tree.  When we think of memorial and honorariums, we often think of times of grief or sorrow, but this tribute campaign is different! It can be a time to honor newlyweds, birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of new babies, work anniversaries, or other significant milestones.

Help us to show the families and guests who visit the HIPU and the Demere Center some of our memorable experiences or love being shared for special people in our lives, whenever they walk along our sidewalks reading the tribute bricks.  And when they walk the halls and read the leaves on the tribute trees.

These are small gifts that are so very meaningful to many.  The Foundation wanted to afford the opportunity for each of our staff members to own a brick or tribute leaf.  It’s a way of sharing your special moments with us – while supporting us.  And it’s a part of you that will always be here. We look forward to seeing your brick along the walkway or your leaf installed on a tree.

For more information or to place an order for your special tribute brick or leaf, please call Ophelia Rodriquez in the Hospice Savannah Foundation at (912) 629-1027 or email her at and she’ll be glad to assist you!

This offer expires 12/31/22

Memorial Bricks At Demere 2
Memorial Leaves At Demere 2
Memorial Leaves At Demere 1

Diversity in Action

Native American Heritage Month

It’s a time to celebrate the rich histories, diverse cultures and important contributions of our nation’s first people. Interior works to honor the nation’s trust responsibilities and special commitments to American Indians and Alaska Natives.


Movember is a month-long event in which people are encouraged to grow mustaches in order to raise (grow) awareness of and funding for research related to men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

November Anniversaries

Rachel Williams ~ 5 years

Kathleen Benton ~ 4 years

Trina Jordan ~ 3 years

Tammie Kennedy ~ 2 years

Teresa Stimer ~ 1 year

Lindsay Melvin ~ 1 year

Shanara Brown ~ 1 year

Dalawn Terrellio ~ 1 year


November Birthdays

Nancy Turcotte ~ 11/01

Shanara Brown ~ 11/03

Tenia Thomas ~ 11/06

Sessely Maciejewski ~ 11/08

Trina Jordan ~ 11/10

Jamey Espina ~ 11/15

Betsy Kammerud ~ 11/19

Alicia Bulloch ~ 11/20

Quonzetta Habeeb-Ullah ~ 11/21

The Compliance Corner-

Compliance & Ethics Week Nov. 6th-12th 2022

July Compliance Graphic

Meet Our Accreditation Leaders

Julie Wood

Compliance Officer

Astrid Desa

Privacy Officer

Ilyce Brinn

Safety Officer

Dallas Adams

Security Officer

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