The Next Generation Annual Giving Fund

Supporting the Community Programs of Hospice Savannah

Our Cause For  Celebration gatherings recognize the importance of working together as a community to support families during life’s most difficult moments. We turn to you, The Next Generation, to ensure that these very necessary services, such as: caregiving support; palliative care; hospice services for adults and children; grief and loss counseling, including Camp Aloha for children 6-17; our veterans program; and our Pet Peace of Mind program, will always be available whenever our own families, or families in our community, might need them.

2021-2022 Donors

Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Ammar

George & Marti Barrow

Spencer & Arden Bartlett

Ben & Leigh Brewer

Malcolm & Julia Butler

Cal & Katie Chancy

Lisa Crumpton

Jimmy & Carolyn Dean

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Dye

Dr. & Mrs. A. Joseph Edwards, III

Debbie Fisher

Dr. & Mrs. John Gold

Jacob & Blain Goodwin

Dr. & Mrs. Matt Grill

Jerome & Vicky Haggerty

Dr. & Mrs. Chris Hulsey

Daniel & Jolie Jenkins

Myron & Fran Kaminsky

Ross & Garrett Kaminsky

Jim & Barbie Lientz

Mary Jane Martin

Rob & Amy Martin

Vincent & Elaine Martin

Art & Judy McDougal

Joe & Price Mingledorff

Richard & Cindy Moore

Carolyn O’Neill & Cathryn Budd

Niko & Betsy Ormond

Annie Lee Perryman

Dr. Gabe & Mrs. Lori Pitt

John & Patsy Power

Ryan & Kathryn Pross

Ron & Mary Reese

Philip & Cathy Solomons

Matt & Alexis Toler

Rusty & Gail Toler

O.C. Welch

Allen & Ellen Williams

Jimmy & Barbie Wilson

Won’t you join these very generous donors and consider making an annual commitment to guarantee that the Community Programs of Hospice Savannah are always available to anyone in need?  Or would you consider hosting a Cause For Celebration party, which will allow your friends and family an opportunity to get together, celebrate, and support a very important cause!