Caregiving Resource Assistance This free one hour class is designed as a time to evaluate your unique caregiver situation so we can connect you to the valuable resources in your community.  Caregiving can be a rewarding experience but also a difficult and draining job, especially if we are neither trained nor prepared for that role. Any person finding themselves in the role of family caregiver would greatly benefit from this free class.  (Go to calendar)

Caregiver Support GroupAre you gradually feeling more alone — that those around you just don’t seem to get what you are going through? Our drop-in Caregiver Support Group meets twice a month and provides a safe place to connect with other caregivers who truly understand. Learn and discover strength, emotional support, and a necessary sense of community with like-minded people. This group is non-disease specific to encourage caregivers to focus on their own concerns and circumstances..  (Go to calendar)

Understanding a Dementia Diagnosis – Being a caregiver for someone with a memory issue or a dementia diagnosis presents its own unique share of challenges both mentally and physically.
Do you often ask yourself why your loved one:
• Forgets simple things but seems so “normal” at other times?
• Constantly asks to go home when they are home?
• Argues over what seems so obvious?
• Follows you around and asks so many questions?
Why do they give you a hard time when you are only trying to care for them?
Our Understanding A Dementia Diagnosis class instructor Dr. Debra Hagerty DNP, RN, NHA, FACDONA, Associate Professor of Nursing at GA Southern University Armstrong campus, explores the probable progression, treatment, and prognosis of dementia. Additional time will be allotted for questions, discussions, support and learning from Dr. Hagerty and caregivers who understand the stress of your situation.  (Go to calendar)

Making Sense of Caregiving – If you are the main family caregiver for a parent, spouse or child with a serious illness, disability or diagnosis you are probably more stressed than you know!  Join others who share your situation to explore the psychological ramifications of caregiving and to receive some practical solutions from our instructor Dr. TimMarie C. Williams, Ph.D., MCG – Gerontology Program Director; Georgia Southern University Armstrong campus.  Please take one hour of your week for you…You will be glad you did!  (Go to calendar)

Caregiving Skills 101 A two-part class designed to discuss Advance Care Planning, followed by a session covering the core physical techniques of caregiving as lead by Kathy Schaefer, Director of Clinical Education and Assistant Professor at GA Southern Armstrong campus.

Long Term Plans  (30 mins)
Learn about the importance of completing an Advance Directive and POLST (Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment) form.

Practical Caregiving Skills  (75 mins)
Learn how to safely assist, perform personal care, and improve mobility for your care recipient in this hands-on session.

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While this is a free class, we do ask for and accept donations. Pease register in advance by calling 912.629.1331 or by e-mailing with your name and contact information.  Thank you.

All other classes are offered on a donation basis.

Wellness Classes

Caregiver Stress Relief / Restorative Yoga and Deep Relaxation – Restorative Yoga utilizes a variety of props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support the body and allow the breath to move freely, encouraging the muscles to relax the mind to quiet the silent space within.
No previous experience is necessary. Dress to move and stretch. (Go to calendar)

Kate and V restorative yoga

Class Instructors

Elizabeth Brodhead – Certified Yoga Instructor

Jacque Cole, RPh – Pharmacist at LoCost Pharmacy

Kate Doran – Certified Yoga Instructor

Dr. Debra Hagerty, DNP, RN, NHA, FACDONA – Professor of Nursing; Georgia Southern University

Betsy Kammerud, LCSW, MVF-CSW, ACHP-SW, CCTP – Bereavement Counselor for Full Circle Grief and Loss Center

Holland Morgan, MA – Master of Divinity, Bereavement Counselor for Full Circle Grief and Loss Center

Jenny Parker, PT – Certified Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Hospital of Savannah

Richard Reeve – Director of Financial Education: Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Dr. Kathy Schaefer, PT, MBA, DPT – Professor of Physical Therapy; Georgia Southern University

TimMarie C. Williams, Ph.D., MCG – Gerontology Program Director; Georgia Southern University