photo912When you are not ready for hospice…

…our Companion program can help.

We offer emotional and practical assistance to families not yet ready for hospice services.

We can provide companionship, assurance and support to anyone with a life-limiting illness and/or  we can provide access to appropriate medical and non-medical services from community providers.

Who does the program serve?

This program is available to individuals and families who choose to pursue curative treatment and for those who don’t qualify for hospice care. Individuals with a serious illness (such as advanced diabetes, cancer, CHF, MS, and others) may benefit from this extra support.

What does it cost?

As a program of the Edel Caregiver Institute there is no charge for services provided by the Companion program. The program is funded through donations.

Why would I call for this kind of help?

It can be confusing to know where to turn to for help when coping with a serious illness. If you agree with four or more of the following statements, it may be time to call us:

  • I’ve become weaker and more fatigued
  • I’m tired and just want to be comfortable
  • I’ve fallen several times in recent months
  • I’ve been hospitalized and needed emergency care several times in the last year
  • Pain medications don’t seem as effective as they used to
  • I spend a good part of my day lying in bed or just sitting
  • I’m calling my doctor more than I used to

Our Companions are a core group of volunteers who can help clients or their caregivers for up to four hours a week. A volunteer Companion may provide

  • companionship
  • emotional support
  • help doing errands
  • respite for caregivers.

No one needs to feel alone. We’re here to help. Just call.

For more information contact the Edel Caregiver Institute at 912.629.1331.