Hospice Savannah Art Gallery



Join painter Randy Akers and sculptor Fran Kaminsky for their opening reception on Thursday, April 7 between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. Their work will hang through June 30 and, as always, a portion of proceeds benefits Hospice Savannah to help provide extra patient and family services not covered by Medicare and other insurance.


Randy Akers is a visual artist working in his studio on Skidaway Island, Georgia. Gallery exhibits include an NEA funded show at the Stables Art Gallery in Taos, New Mexico, as well as the University of New Mexico’s Harwood Foundation. He has also shown at the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Anchorage Art Museum, the University of Northern Colorado, Valdosta University Art Museum, the Masur Museum of Art, SUNY Genesseo, and the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. His one-person show, Road to Canaan, at Jaxport Gallery was part of the VIVA Florida 500 celebration in 2013.

Randy’s work for Hospice Savannah is meant to be accessible and affordable. It comes from four different series. The first is The Abandoned Dogs of Todos Santos, which deals with the plight of dogs, especially females in Mexico. The second series are encaustics from The Secret Quilt Codes of the Underground Railroad. The graphics originate from an African mark called the Kosmogram. It then formulated approximately 12 designs which made their way into slave quilts that many claim served as directional devices for the Underground Railroad. Original research came from the First African Baptist Church in Savannah and their curator, Linda Wortham. A five-year research project then ensued. The next series is from his Brush Creek Arts Residency last fall dealing with landscape for the first time. Lastly is work from Land Marks which is site spe cific and memory based paintings from locations in the lowcountry

 Fran Kaminsky is a retired college administrator and community volunteer, currently serving on the board of Union Mission, Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour-Savannah, Rotary Club of Savannah and the Hospice Savannah Foundation. Fran started basic sculpting about 12 years ago, and then took a workshop organized by Susie Chisholm in which she first learned to sculpt the figure. Her preferred working environment is workshops, which she will attend once or twice a year. Fran enjoys working in the company of other sculptors, and says, “I work pretty quickly, so I can get two to three pieces nearly finished in a weeklong workshop.” She will then finish off the pieces in her home studio in Savannah.


The Hospice Savannah Art Gallery is located at 1352 Eisenhower Drive and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

New work by local artists is featured every quarter. A volunteer committee meets each November to decide on shows for the following year.

Click here for information about showing your work. If you have further questions, please contact Beth Logan.


Upcoming shows:

Third quarter, 2016: Art Quilters of the Low Country. Opening reception: Thursday, July 14th.

Fourth quarter, 2016: Plein air paintings by Robert Isley. Opening reception: Thursday, October 13th.

First quarter, 2017: Paintings by Nancy Solana.

Second quarter, 2017: Paintings by Fran Thomas and Donna Bouchillon.