Hospice Savannah uses a team approach in caring for our patients and their families. This “team of professionals” is chosen individually for each patient and their particular needs. You, your family, and your caregivers are the first members of our team.

Hospice Savannah then provides certified and trained professionals: physicians, nurses, social workers, nursing assistants, chaplains, bereavement counselors, pharmacists, dieticians, volunteers, and other allied therapists to help you maximize your life.
Our physicians are board certified in Hospice and Palliative Care. They work closely with your own physician and are available for home visits and consults.

Nurses are our team leaders; they help develop and manage your individualized plan of care. Our hospice nurse will assess your needs in consultation with our Medical Director and your own physicians. As leader of the team your nurse will make every effort to insure that your symptoms are controlled and well managed. Your nurse is also prepared to address any question you or your family may have during your illness.

Social Workers
Our social workers assist you and your family with the social and emotional aspects of end-of-life care. They will also provide information and assistance on “advance directives,” Medicare and Medicaid, and private insurance. They can also refer you to other area resources that may be of use to you and your family.

Chaplains are on hand to supplement, not take the place of, the family’s own minister or spiritual leader, and they are experts in the spiritual concerns of end-of-life care. They help to calm the fears raised by the ongoing struggle to understand the natural processes taking place when a person is dying. Our chaplains will be a source of healing comfort for the patient and their family.
Nursing Assistants
Our certified nursing assistants provide a variety of personal care services to meet your needs: such as help in bathing, helping to change bandages or dressings, and assisting the nurse with medical equipment tasks.
Hospice Savannah’s trained volunteers are eager to assist you and your family in multiple ways. They are available to provide companionship for you or your family members for short periods of time thus providing relief for caregivers. Volunteers can run errands for you or your family, read to you, write letters on your behalf, help with transportation, meal preparation, or other simple household tasks. Volunteers are integral and important members of the Hospice Savannah team and are the “heart of Hospice Savannah” since our founding in 1979.

Allied Therapies
Hospice Savannah can provide other palliative therapies to help you and your family. We offer music therapy, massage therapy, storykeeping, and even pet therapy.
We are here for you and your family; if you need something, you only have to ask.