Pictured is our former Story Keeper, Suzi Barber, RN sitting with WWII veteran MGySgt. Roy L. Strickland, USMC, Ret. (1925-2010).

Suzi had the honor of recording MGySgt. Strickland’s memories of landing as Strickland-at--HH-001a young marine on Iwo Jima. Hospice Savannah received a generous gift and Endowment from Jim and Polly D. Strickland, the son and daughter-in-law of MGySgt. Strickland. Part of these monies were earmarked to create a memorial honoring our veteran patients and to educate our staff on the unique end-of-life issues they face.

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Hospice Savannah strives to recognize each veteran enrolled in our care by showing appreciation for their service to our country.

We educate our staff and volunteers on veterans’ unique end-of-life needs. For example, veterans may under-report pain or fear because of deeply held stoic values. Combat veterans may suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or have sustained mental, emotional, social, spiritual, or moral injuries. They may have witnessed or been a part of traumatic incidents and need encouragement to engage in the work of forgiveness. Our social workers and chaplains provide counseling and spiritual support and also help with insurance and other financial concerns. We help not only the patient but also the caregiver and family.

Our program provides:

  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Visits with active-duty service members in uniform
  • Flags to signify service
  • Pins for caregivers
  • Veterans memorial monument in our HIPU courtyard
  • The Healing Arts of Massage Therapy, Music Therapy, and Story Keeping

Sgt. Jones receives medalPerhaps the highlight of our program has been the awarding of the Tuskegee Airmen Congressional Gold Medal to our 95-year-old patient Ms. Amelia Jones at a ceremony at Hospice Inpatient Unit (HIPU) in April, 2015 (pictured left).  Read her story here.

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