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Clinical Education

Educational offerings are provided by staff members who are recognized for their exception clinical depth and expertise.  Topics may be tailored for your particular staff education needs, and presentations are scheduled at your convenience. Handouts and visual media are included.

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Industry News

Hospices are allocating more financial and operational resources on staffing initiatives than ever before to remain afloat and grow.

Recruitment and retention have been top of mind for hospice providers amid ongoing workforce shortages that have only worsened with the pandemic. More than 67% of the 203 hospice care professionals surveyed indicated that staffing would be their greatest non-COVID related challenge this year, according to the 2022 Hospice News Outlook Survey and Report. This is a rise from 33% the prior year.

Staffing issues are chipping away at hospice revenues from all sides, according to Kathleen Benton, president and CEO of Hospice Savannah.

“It’s killing me financially, between direct labor costs like retention efforts, raises, and incentive pay in sign-on and retention bonuses,” Benton told Hospice News. “Indirectly, it’s anything from human resources ensuring great employee benefits to their input in recruitment. We’re doing all we can to make sure that our people feel very well taken care of, and that requires time and effort.”…..

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Hospices Face ‘Astronomical’ Costs to Attract and Keep Staff – Hospice News

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