Nursing home and assisted living patients anywhere in our service area can also take advantage of the services and expertise of Hospice Savannah. The same level of excellent care that exists in Hospice Homecare can enrich individuals in other facilities, and provide assurance and support for their families.

Photo Hospice Assisted Living NurseHospice Savannah has a long history of working with patients from nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Often patients in “end stage Alzheimer’s disease” or other age-related mental conditions can benefit from the extra measure of Hospice Savannah care.

A family member can simply contact our Referral Center who will then visit the patient to provide the necessary information to initiate Hospice Savannah care. Hospice Savannah will handle all the details of coordination with the nursing home and assisted living staff.

Our team approach to individual care helps to guarantee that all your needs, and those of your family, will be met.