Clinical Education Topics:


  • The Dynamics of Palliative Care: When to consider an assessment for your patients
  • Monitoring Early Signs of Decline: Differentiation of normal vs. abnormal events of life-limiting illnesses and indicators of approaching death; managing pain, anxiety, secretions, breathlessness and other troublesome symptoms
  • In the Moment: Patient or Family Crises and ReactionsResponding with confidence to heal anger, hurt and anticipatory grief
  • Is it Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia…? And will a feeding tube help or harm?
  • The Healing Arts of Hospice Savannah: Therapies of Massage, Story and Music
  • Supporting Staff through Healthy Coping and Boundary Setting: Serial losses in the healthcare environment
  • Have You Had the Talk Yet? How and when to discuss the addition of Hospice Savannah care with patients and their loved ones: Ethical education on advance directives and the DNR
  • Assessment skills, Ethical Criteria and Medicare Standards: Hospice readiness for patients in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, or residents of assisted living facilities and personal care homes
  • Spirituality Within Death and Dying

To schedule education for your staff, please contact:

Ard James, Healthcare Relations Educator, 912.604.0050


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