In fulfilling our mission of providing the best services and resources for the community on caregiving, serious illness management, hospice care, and grief and loss, Hospice Savannah is eager to share our expertise. We offer both clinical education and community one hour seminars scheduled for your convenience and at no charge.

Edel Caregiver Institute
● Caregiver Support Group
● Making Sense of Caregiving
● Anticipatory Grief
● Dementia Caregiver Support Group
● Understanding Dementia
● Dementia Live ®

Steward Center for Palliative Care
● Hospice & Progressive Care: What’s the Difference?
● POLST Forms / Advance Directives
● Serious Illness Management 101

Hospice Savannah
● Hospice 101
● Pain Management (Physician Talk)
● Veterans Program
● Hospice Nursing and CNA Skills
● Butterfly Program for pediatric patients and their families

Palliative Physical Therapy
● Patient Transferring Techniques
● Home Safety Assessments
● Palliative ROM (Range of Motion) in the debilitated

Full Circle Grief and Loss Center
● The Personal and Professional Journey Called Grief
● Companioning Grieving Children
● Grief in the Workplace
● Grief and the Holidays
● Grief and the LGBTQ Community
● Compassion Fatigue
● Coping with a Death: How to be a good friend or co-worker
when death occurs
● Trauma Informed Grief Support (for both adults and children)
● Stress Reduction / Emotional Regulation

Allied Therapies and Healing Arts
● Pet Therapy
● Music Therapy 101
● Story Keeping
● Massage and Aroma Therapy 101

To inquire about or schedule an educational offering, please contact Ard James at 912-604-0050 or Joy Francis at 912-604-8059.

Click here for a printable sheet of educational offerings.