There are so many myths about hospice care! A short Google search brings up many, such as “Hospice means you have given up and lost control;” or “Hospice care will hasten your death”  One of my favorite articles refuting these and other myths was published a few years ago in Forbes and can be read here.  Writer John Edward talks about five of the most common misconceptions:

Myth 1 – we place a time limit of six months on your stay and hasten your death

Myth 2 – we can only care for you in Hospice Inpatient Unit (HIPU)

Myth 3 – we make you give up your medications and your own doctor

Myth 4 – we will heavily sedate you to keep you out of pain, and

Myth 5 – once you are enrolled in hospice care, there’s no turning back!

We hope you will read the article and feel free to call us and explore our website for more information.  Hospice care is actually clinically proven to extend life expectancy!  It allows you to take control of your life and gives you the chance to have an impact on, and shape your quality of life until the end.