Debra LarsonI originally wrote this blog in December four years ago. People still have many of the same misconceptions! Please won’t you share this message with your friends and family members so more people in our community can access the help and compassion they so desperately  need?   Let me know if you can think of more myths, and as always, I welcome your feedback!

Myth number 1: Choosing hospice means that “I’m giving up.”
When a cure is no longer possible, Hospice Savannah provides the type of care most people say they want at their end of life – comfort and quality. The most common statement I hear from families who chose hospice for their loved one is, “We wish we had known about Hospice Savannah sooner.”

Myth number 2: We don’t have private insurance, so we won’t be able to afford good end-of-life care.
Hospice care is almost completely covered by Medicare, by Medicaid, and by most HMO’s and insurance companies.  Hospice Savannah serves everyone equally, regardless of his or her ability to pay.

Myth number 3: Being in a great deal of pain is just an expected part of the dying process.
Hospice Savannah’s doctors and nurses are specially trained to control each person’s pain while still keeping the patient awake and alert whenever possible.

Myth number 4: Hospice care keeps people heavily medicated.
Hospice Savannah’s pain management is highly specialized and tailored to each individual to ensure the highest quality of life possible for as long as possible. In addition, we use complementary therapies such as music, massage and storykeeping and provide emotional and spiritual support to the patient and their loved ones.

Myth number 5: “I want my loved one at home:  I don’t want them in a hospice”.
Hospice is not a place.  It is a philosophy of care.  Almost all hospice care takes place in the patient’s home where he or she can be in familiar surroundings with friends and family, however Hospice Savannah does have a Hospice Inpatient Unit (HIPU) if patients need that extra level of care and medical expertise.

Myth number 6: “My mother is in a nursing home, so hospice care is not available”.
Hospice and palliative care is available in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and even hospitals. We provide care wherever the patient lives and considers home.