In 2011, the Hospice Savannah Foundation launched a three-year capital campaign and through the generosity of the community, secured $3 million in philanthropic support. The Celeste C. and Robert H. Demere, Jr. Center for Living opened in 2015 and is located at 6000 Business Center Drive in Savannah.


The Center makes four major improvements possible:

1. The Edel Caregiver Institute, providing area caregivers with what will become one of the country’s finest sources for information, training, and support.  This extraordinary new community resource offers standard-setting, innovative programs to help caregivers learn how to best deal with their impending or current challenges as they care for loved ones. Read more in this September, 2015 Savannah Morning News report.

2. Expanded Full Circle programs to reach more people, including new programs for entire families, for those who have lost a family member in military service, and parents who have lost a child, to name just a few.

3. Through extensive educational programs available at the Demere Center for Living, healthcare professionals, community volunteers and professional caregivers are able to take advantage of invaluable training programs to enhance their skills, skills that allow them to provide invaluable help.

4. A relocated Steward Center for Palliative Care, allows this invaluable resource to more effectively coordinate its activities and patient information with other program staff and to be better positioned to grow the palliative care services that mean so much to our patients and their loved ones.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on our partnership with the community to help us provide the best possible facilities and services to individuals and families that can benefit from our help.The beautiful 8,000 square foot Demere Center for Living is an investment by our community for our community.


For more information about providing ongoing support for this effort, please contact the Hospice Savannah Foundation, at 912.629.1055.