July is Bereaved Parents Month: here’s how you can help a grieving parent.
by Betsy Kammerud, Director of Full Circle Grief & Loss Center

July is Bereaved Parents Awareness Month. It is normal to be at a loss for words or even how to help when someone experiences the death of a child. The loss can seem unfathomable.

A good place to start is to remember that there is no time limit for grief. Some parents may start to recover from the worst symptoms in months, but for others, it may take years. The best way to help parents who have lost a child is to let them know you are there for them when they need you. It can be simple things like sitting quietly with them, running errands, or helping with their other children.

Your presence will mean a lot to the parents. Here are a few things that might be helpful:

  • Tell them specific things that you will do. “I’ll bring by lasagna for dinner
    tomorrow.”  “I’ll pick Susie up from dance for you.”   Try not to ask, “How can I
    help?” They will not know.
  • Say their child’s name. One of the biggest fears is that their child will be forgotten.
  • Remember important dates, like a birthday or memory. Send them a note or even a
    quick text telling them you are thinking about them.
  • Ask about favorite memories and listen to stories when they are up to telling them.

Grief is a lifelong journey. Your ability to be present with a friend who is grieving their child without trying to fix it or take the grief away (you cannot), is the greatest gift you can give.


Full Circle Grief and Loss Center, provides a team of qualified and experienced bereavement staff to deal with the emotional and psychological consequences of a loss. Offering a range of bereavement support for anyone whose relative or friend was cared for by Hospice Savannah, Full Circle also supports any community adult, teen or child in our coverage area who is having difficulty dealing with loss. Grief support is available on an individual level with one-on-one support, in small group settings, and in a support group such as the basic Grief 101. Our services are funded through generous donations from the community and are delivered free of charge.