This wonderful event gives our community an opportunity to celebrate our mothers and the women who helped to raise us.  You are warmly invited to We Remember Mama, an elegant luncheon on Tuesday, May 7th, just before Mother’s Day.  Together, we will toast our mothers with champagne and share cherished memories.


Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Savannah Golf Club,
1661 E President St, Savannah




This year’s speaker is Reverend Ricky Temple, Senior Pastor of Savannah’s Overcoming by Faith Ministries.

We Remember Mama supports the continuation and growth of our Story Keeping Program, the legacy of Founding Story Keeper, Dottie Kluttz. Hospice Savannah’s Story Keeper and volunteers gather memories and life stories from our patients for their loved ones to cherish…. A patient recalls as a young child helping her mother by passing messages hidden in her pinafore during the French Resistance…A young boy confined to a wheelchair uses the power of story to imagine himself as an NBA star.


Now more than ever, Hospice Savannah needs your help to maintain this valuable and meaningful program, which helps to preserve our patient’s life and family stories for years to come.  Won’t you help us to ensure that patients and families that we serve in the future are able to capture these important memories and cherish them, so they can be shared with the generations that follow?

Gold Sponsors

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Jepson, Jr.

M. Lisa Dean

Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Dottie Kluttz
recognizing Dottie Kluttz as Hospice Savannah’s original Story Keeper

Silver Sponsors

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Solomons Jr.

Dr. John M. Duttenhaver

45 Anniversary Life Together Sponsor: