Despite our reputation for superior end-of-life care, it often feels like a frustrating and sometimes futile job trying to market our services. It makes me want to have advance directives conversations as a mandatory high school class,  or to make the reading of certain articles about hospice  a requirement before we can access healthcare of any kind! The following blog, written for The Huffington Post by Steve Landers, MD, MPH, the CEO of VNA Health Group, would be one of those required articles…

Dr. Landers says, and I whole-heartedly agree,  that “misunderstanding and mistrust of hospice is leading to unnecessary suffering, quicker and uglier medical deterioration, and missed opportunities for better and occasionally longer lives for people with serious illness.” He goes on to expalin what hospice is, how its care is delivered, and why it helps people to live longer. Read the full article here because, as he says, “if you or anyone you know has advanced illness that isn’t meaningfully getting better (or keeps getting worse) in spite of many treatments and hospital stays and doctors’ visits, then you owe it to  yourself to learn more about hospice sooner rather than later.”

Please share this message with anyone who needs to hear these words so that people with serious illness and their families can live better lives with whatever time they have left.

Beth Logan, Director of Marketing, Hospice Savannah, Inc.