This week I’d like to wish our social workers “Happy Social Work Month”. This year’s theme is “Weaving Threads of Resiliency and Advocacy: The Power of Social Work.”

Brenda and HenrySocial Work is the profession of hope—fueled by resilience and advocacy. Social workers matter because they help millions of struggling people every day dream differently…Sometimes, all it takes to help people get on the right path is guidance toward what is possible. Other times, social workers are an immediate lifeline in crisis—providing access to resources and new life options…Those served by social workers possess many strengths that keep them fighting for a better future despite personal and systemic barriers to success.

In a field where oftentimes patient and family lives are defined by deficits, I am proud to be part of a profession with such a long and storied  history of discovering people’s strengths and helping them find their own sense of resiliency. I am humbled to serve as one of more than 650,000 social workers in the United States and one of 14 professional social workers here at Hospice Savannah.