One of the most healing things we can offer exhausted caregivers at the Edel Caregiver Institute is an hour of deep breathing and relaxation, coupled with some basic stretching yoga poses. Caregivers are notoriously bad about taking time for themselves, but when they do, they can be deeply restored.

The yoga community has been very encouraging of our efforts. In particular, I want to thank Kate Doran, owner of Savannah Power Yoga, who has been a supporter of the Institute since its planning stages. She says, “As my former mother-in-law’s caregiver, I understand first hand the stress experienced by family caregivers and am excited to plan a Yoga Relay and give all proceeds to directly support the Edel Caregiver Institute.”

Kate and V restorative yogaSo, what’s a Yoga Relay? Kate says, “It’s practicing 108 sun salutations together on the terrace. If you want to do them all yourself, that’s great! If you want to create a relay team and take turns, that’s great too. Each registrant makes a $25 donation.” The Relay can be moved indoors if needed, and fresh juices, healthy snacks, raffle prizes and extra yoga mats will be available. It is scheduled on Friday, August 26 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Edel Caregiver Institute, 6000 Business Center Drive.

For more information, or to pre-register, please visit Savannah Power Yoga’s website or email  You may also make your donation on August 26. Checks for $25 or more should be make out to Hospice Savannah Foundation.

Kate and I have a passion to offer more restorative yoga classes to caregivers. Won’t you join us in this fundraising effort?

~Paula Hudson, Manager, Edel Caregiver Institute


Pictured: volunteer certified yoga instructor Kate Jacobson teaches at the Institute