Congratulations to Pat McPhatter for winning the 2023 Lilac Award. Pat is a Certified Nursing Aid for Hospice Savannah’s Team Compassion, and has been a part of the team for over 25 years.

The Lilac Award recognizes the employee of the year – the person who best exemplifies the core values of Hospice Savannah and has gone beyond in the service of our patients. This year, the committee was looking to honor the “Unsung Hero.” In addition to Pat, Jordyn Vital, Rebecca July, Gloria Roberts, Rhonda Reed, and Catherine Brannen were the finalists for this award.

  • Nancy Turcotte “a cheerleader for the staff and an advocate for our patients; she is a true team player”. “never at a loss for something positive to say”. “what can I do to help mentality”. “compassion for co-workers is every bit as significant as her compassion for the community”.
  • Sierra Davis “willing to go above and beyond to help patients and their families”. “has an incredible sense of humor which helps in the most difficult situations”. “reliable and always shows up when needed”. “represents our organization with positivity and is dedicated to helping people”.
  • Cassandra Green “always takes time to listen”. “makes people comfortable so they can express their feelings and concerns”. “shows a great deal of compassion when working with patients and their families”. “she has watched patients for us in HIPU so we could take a break to eat”.
  • Curtis Belton “always addresses needs with urgency to ensure that no task or obligation is unmet”. “his superpower is compassion”. “has been a great asset to the spiritual team”. “brings families together before patients pass away”.
  • Michael Ceccarelli “is always a team player and routinely helps with difficult situations, not just for Full Circle, but other departments as well”. “superpower is time travel as he uses VR to give patients experiences to go any where at any time to relieve suffering”. “
  • Mya Cape “29 years of excellence while serving our sicker than sick patients”. “cares for every patient regardless of the shape they are in, their size, wealth or color; she serves them all unconditionally”. “shows up on every occasion with a level of compassion and grace that touches every patient she works with”.
  • Mindy Yates “works hard to ensure that both the new clinical and seasoned staff are well educated on many levels”. “is a great resource for questions related to skills and documentation; she always takes the time to help in any way that she can”. “has advocated for many during her years at Hospice Savannah”.
  • Shanteen Capers “is willing to come in extra to help out frequently”. “never has to be asked to perform additional tasks; always takes the initiative”. “always goes above and beyond to care for her patients”. “wonderful to work with”.
  • Nola Ledford “goes above and beyond to make patients and their families feel comfortable”. “also goes above and beyond for her coworkers and makes working with her a joy”. “has the superpower of words and is able to put patients and families at ease during difficult conversations”.
  • Jacob Martin “patients and families are always complimentary of his professionalism”.
    “he is a true team player and works very hard”. “will perform all C.N.A. , LPN and RN duties whenever they are needed”. “understands the needs of the job and has the heart to go with it”.