Celebrating the Art of Living for 40 years! This was a fun night of art, drinks and delicious food at Savannah’s acclaimed Cha Bella restaurant on the evening of Thursday, May 23 with  DJ Basik Lee spinning the tunes while we browsed art and jewelry by 40 of Savannah’s most iconic painters, photographers  and sculptors.  See the images here!

Our thanks to Peter Roberts for securing commitments from the following painters, photographers, sculptors and jewelers: Carmen Aguirre; Randy Akers; Stacie Jean Albano; Kristen Baird; Angela Burson; Betsy Cain ; Susie Chisholm; Bob Christian; Julia Christian; Michael Close; Carolyn Dennard; Joy Dunigan; Bud Green; Mary Hartman; Rob Hessler; Elsie Hill; Jennifer Huskey; Dan Kaufman; Fran Kaminsky; Axelle Kieffer; Leslie Lovell; Michael Mahaffey; Tobia Makover, Jennifer Moss; Bellamy Murphy; Lisa Ocampo; Jan Pagratis; A.J. Perez; Dana Richardson; Peter E. Roberts; Danielle Hughes Rose; Preston Russell; Alexandro Santana; Daniel E. Smith; Heather Lindsey Stewart; Bryan Stovall;  June Stratton; Ben Tollefson; Mark Uzmann; Troy Wandzel; and Jason Zimmer.

And thanks for the hosts and generious sponsors:

Hospice Savannah Board Hosts

Bill Keightley, Cjhair

Frank Brown

Marcia Berens

Dr. Anthony Costrini

Rabbi Robert Haas

Holden Hayes

Toby Hollenberg

Sam Hubbard

Myron & Fran Kaminsky

Dr. Julia Mikell

Joe Roberts

Joseph “Rusty” Ross

Nancy Sheets

Maura Sovchen

Tommy Swinford

Einar S. Trosdal, III

Dr. Blenda Wilson (pictured)

Premier Sponsors


Tri-River Foods, LP


Friends of Healing Arts


Frank Brown 

Jerry and Teresa Wardlaw 

Jerry and Susan Meyer 

Shirley and Tony Costrini


Supporters of Healing Arts

Clark Creative

Nancy and Carlton Sheets

Drs.  Blenda Wilson and Louis Fair, Jr. (pictured above)

Rusty and Coren Ross