The Edel Caregiver Institute Caregiver & Patient Advocacy app is available for download on your iOS or Android phone!

Are you a caregiver who helps a loved one who is elderly, ill or disabled?

Perhaps you have an autistic child who requires a lot of assistance?

Perhaps you have a spouse or parent in the early stages of dementia?

Or perhaps you are a patient with a progressive, serious illness and you worry what the future holds for you and want to be prepared?

This app offers local resources and information to help all non-professional caregivers learn how to best deal with impending or current caregiving challenges and needs, as well as, resources and helpful links for patients themselves.

We are grateful to our local partners – primarily St. Joseph’s/Candler, the United Way of the Coastal Empire and many other service agencies for their collaboration on this ground-breaking community resource. We know you will find it useful in your medical and/or caregiving journey. Download it today!

For Android users, please visit this link to download.

For iOS users, the app will be available in the Apple Store soon.  In the interim, access by opening your Safari browser to visit this link, then just click on the icon below and “Add to Home Screen.”