Darr2Please join me in supporting volunteer Stephen Darr at his reception this Thursday evening. Steve’s show “Moving off the Grid: Acrylic Abstractions in Color and Line” gives a major  pop of vibrant color to the walls of our Hospice Savannah Art Gallery.

Steve’s career as a painter began in November 2012 and he remarks, “I am new and fresh…I knew I wanted to paint and I have dabbled at painting for years, but never taking what I did seriously or thinking it was of much value.  You see, I grew up in an era where being an “artist” meant you were some kind of “beatnik” living in a squalid studio freezing and starving  Being an artist wasn’t a “real job”, not something that you could make your living from (or so I was told).”

Let’s prove the naysayers wrong. Steve is a talented  artist and we are so grateful to have his images in our hallways at Hospice Inpatient Unit (HIPU). I look forward to seeing you there on Thursday.