Hinely-funeralAs Labor Day approaches, many of us are planning to be with friends and family. Perhaps we have a cook-out or beach day in mind; perhaps we will relax on the couch and watch college football or use the day to catch up on our to-do list. However, for many in our community, Labor Day offers no rest. My thoughts are with the exhausted loved ones and family members who provide care for an ailing relative 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

At Hospice Savannah, our goal is to provide resources and assistance to these caregivers. Please encourage any one you know in this situation to call our Steward Companion Program to see if we may be able to offer volunteer support, or connections to community organizations that can help. As we move forward on construction of our newDemere Center for Living my hope is that caregivers will know that they are not alone… That from the time a physician gives a life-limiting diagnosis to a family, they will know they can call the Edel Caregiver Institute for  practical and emotional support.

Happy Labor Day!