SWM-LOGOAs a Masters Social Worker, I am honored to thank and acknowledge the wonderful Social Workers we have at Hospice Savannah during National Social Work month.

Hospice Savannah’s Social Workers are trained professionals who specialize in helping patients and their families work through the many changes that occur as their loved one’s health declines. Our Social Workers also provide grief and loss counseling through our Full Circle Bereavement program to anyone who has experienced a death. Social Workers understand that dealing with a terminal illness  involves not only managing the medical needs of the patient, but also involves understanding the changing roles within the family; helping families and patients make major decisions about treatment decisions and options; providing assistance in reducing stress and offering counseling as needed.

I am very proud to be a Social Worker.  My father, uncle and niece are all Social Workers.  It is a very honorable profession and I would like to hear your stories about either being a Social Worker or how a Social Worker has made a difference in your life.