Does YOUR loved one have a POLST??

Recently Georgia has passed legislation allowing the recognition of POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment).  Why is this important?  – Because for individuals who are considered medically fragile with a chronic medical condition, POLST will make certain their wishes for future care are known and respected, and will help prevent unwanted treatments and procedures.  POLST makes clear what medical care an individual would or would not want if they become unable to make the decisions themselves.  It provides a doctor’s order so that healthcare workers must follow the individual’s medical care plan.

I am grateful to my Hospice Savannah co-workers Dr. Kelly Erola , Monica Anderson and Cathy Daniel for their leadership in bringing POLST to our community.

Debras MomI know when my elderly 88 year-old  mother has her next physician office visit we will be requesting a POLST  be completed.  She already has an advance directive and I am her chosen healthcare surrogate, however a  POLST will ensure her  wishes are carried out as they will be a physician’s order.  By planning today and having a POLST I will be impacting the chances of my Mom living out her days as she wishes.  I hope you will also consider having a POLST for someone who you love.

Find out more and/or download the GA POLST form here.