Would you recognize Caregiver Burnout?

Perhaps you are caring for a loved one in your home or they live in a residency under the care of professional caregivers and you regularly visit. Do you feel as if caregiving has taken over your life?   That your days and nights are consumed with how your loved one is doing and what do you need to do next?  Do you feel alone and stressed in a position that feels unacknowledged and unappreciated by not only your loved one but family and society?

Caregiver burnout is a state of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual exhaustion that develops over time.   With that, it’s only natural that a change in attitude follows, from a caring and positive nature to one of negativity and lacking concern, even hopelessness.  “Resentment” becomes a more frequently used term right along with “guilt”.  How does one get to the point of feeling guilty that they are not properly engaged in a situation they resent?  How do I find help when those around me are now scarce or insist on telling me how I’m not doing things right?


Caregiver Burnout:  Common Signs and Symptoms

  • You are increasingly impatient and irritable with your care recipient.
  • Your life revolves around caregiving, but it gives you little satisfaction.
  • You neglect your own needs, either because you are too busy or you do not care anymore.
  • Unrealistic expectations come into play as you may be expecting your involvement to positively affect your loved one, either physically or mentally.
  • Unreasonable demands and burdens placed upon yourself.
  • Frustration from not being able to control the situation. This can include your loved one’s condition, or an overall lack of resources, finances, organization, and simply not knowing what you don’t know.


It is important to recognize these signs BEFORE you become encased in their affects.  If you feel you are dealing with caregiver burnout and need some assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 912.629.1331 or email Info@EdelCaregiverInstitute.org.

We offer:
• Consultations to provide individual caregiver support
• Caregivers of a person living with dementia may benefit from dementia education and support from a “Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Caregiving™” Certified Independent Consultant
• Monthly Caregiver Fellowship and Monthly Dementia Caregivers Support Group
• Restorative Yoga every Thursday morning from 9:30-10:30am

While there is no charge for our classes, support groups, or services, we do ask for and accept donations.
For more information, please call 912.629.1331 or by e-mailing Info@EdelCaregiverInstitute.org with your name and contact information.


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