We are always so grateful when community members come up with ways to support us! We recently learned that Dr. Allison Witherow of Allison Animal Care  on Mall Blvd. is selling T-shirts to fund raise for our Pet Peace of Mind program.

She says, “I have a dear friend named Lisa Morgan.  I met her several years ago as I was her veterinarian and her dogs were so dear to her heart. She loved her dogs!  She recently was in the hospital and told me over and over again how she did not want to die in the hospital. I called Pat (one of my part time employee who works at Hospice Savannah) and she was able to coordinate with Lisa’s family so that Lisa could go home and did not have to spend her last days in the hospital.

I was so very thankful for this! Hospice really helped the family and took good care of Lisa.  As a tribute to her and as a tribute to her beloved dogs I wanted to do something to thank Hospice Savannah. I know it’s not much, but we are happy to help anyway that we can.”

Thank s to Dr. Witherow’s gifts to Pet Peace of Mind, patients like Lisa can be with their beloved animals as long as possible. Specially trained volunteers can provide pet food, and cat litter, pet care, routine veterinary care, grooming, foster care, and assistance with finding a “forever home” if the family cannot keep the pet after the patient’s death.

For ideas on other easy ways to fund raise for Hospice Savannah, please visit this page on our website. Thank you!