Music TherapyOne of the important ways we give back to our community is through education. Each year we host a lecture series to educate both the public and the medical community about different aspects of hospice and palliative care.

Its not too early to mark your calendar for our 2014 Hospice Savannah Lecture Series on January 23 and 24 when we welcome researcher and associate professor at the U.C. Davis Center for Neuroscience, Dr. Petr Janata. He is the preeminent researcher in the science of music and brain interaction.

As the only hospice in our community to have a full-time certified music therapist who has studied in the field of neuroscience we are excited to hear about  Dr. Janata’s research. We know that music feeds the soul, and that  the work of our music therapist Amy complements the medical expertise we offer. Stay tuned – pun intended! – for more details.