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ECI LOGO_altA caregiver is someone who provides care to another person who is elderly, ill, or disabled. It may range from running errands and helping with grocery and laundry to full-time care of someone who is no longer capable of caring for herself. Family caregivers receive little training on how to deliver complicated care, are not always treated as partners in their loved one’s care, and are not encouraged to maintain their own health. Not surprisingly, a 25-year body of research shows that family caregivers are at increased risk for health, emotional, financial, and work-related problems.

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Who can the Edel Caregiver Institute (ECI) help?


Caregivers are  friends, relatives, in-laws, and spouses – anyone who provides assistance to another, in whatever capacity and whatever their relationship, with no financial benefits.

Through our partnerships with the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, Area Agency on AgingMercer University School of Medicine at Memorial Health, Armstrong State University College of Health Professions, and many other local area service agencies, we offer standard-setting, innovative programs to help all non-professional caregivers learn how to best deal with their impending or current caregiving challenges and needs. By providing tailored support we can help reduce levels of stress and allow individuals with long-term care needs to safely remain in their own homes for longer periods of time and maintain the health and quality of life for both the caregiver and care recipient. Increasing evidence also shows that providing comprehensive support to family caregivers reduces or delays nursing home placement.

If you are a non-professional caregiver in need of help, please fill out the caregiving questionnaire below. This will aid us in both assessing your particular situation and in deciding what classes will benefit you most. We will be in touch with you soon!

Classes are offered on a donation basis. If you choose, please donate below.

Contact Us At The Edel Caregiver Institute

Please contact Manager, Paula Hudson at 912.629.1331 or
E-mail for more information on community offerings.

Caregiver Support Group

Meet with fellow caregivers who share a common struggle.

Our drop-in, one-hour support group provides a safe place to connect with other caregivers who
truly understand what you are  going through. Exchange practical information on caregiving
problems and possible solutions; Talk through challenges and ways of coping;
Share feelings, needs and concerns; and learn about resources available in our community.
You’re not alone.

Our caregiver support group meets the fourth Monday of every month from 1:15-2:15pm.
Please contact us at 912.629.1331 or
E-mail to register for our caregivers support group.

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