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Are you a caregiver providing care to another person who is elderly, ill, or disabled? Or perhaps you have an autistic or disabled child who requires a lot of assistance. Your help may range from running errands and helping with grocery and laundry to full-time responsibility for someone no longer capable of caring for herself. Family caregivers receive little training on how to deliver complicated care, are not always treated as partners in their loved one’s care, and are not encouraged to maintain their own health. Not surprisingly, a 25-year body of research shows that family caregivers are at increased risk for health, emotional, financial, and work-related problems. Gauge your current level of stress by taking this short quiz.

The video below introduces you to some of our grateful clients and gives a quick overview of how we help:

Who are Caregivers?

Caregivers are friends, relatives, in-laws, and spouses – anyone who provides assistance to another, in whatever capacity and whatever their relationship, with no financial benefits.

What We Offer

Through our partnerships with the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, Area Agency on AgingMercer University School of Medicine at Memorial Health, Armstrong State University College of Health Professions, and many other local area service agencies, we offer standard-setting, innovative programs to help all non-professional caregivers learn how to best deal with impending or current caregiving challenges and needs. By providing tailored support we can help reduce your level of stress and help  maintain the health and quality of life for both you and your care recipient. (Increasing evidence also shows that providing comprehensive support to family caregivers reduces or delays nursing home placement.)

We can also provide:
• Resource information and referrals to community services. By appointment.
• Caregiving 101 skills follow-up support.
• Individual consultations for disease specific education with fourth year medical residents. By appointment.
• Social work support. By appointment.
• In-home respite care scholarships for qualified individuals.*

If you are a non-professional caregiver in need of help, please fill out our caregiving questionnaire.
This will aid us in both assessing your particular situation and in deciding what classes will benefit you most.
We will be in touch with you soon!

Classes are offered on a donation basis. If you choose, please donate below.

Please contact us at 912.629.1331 or e-mail for more information.
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The Edel Caregiver Institute is located in the Demere Center for Living, 6000 Business Center Drive, Savannah, GA 31405
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RCI REACH (Resources Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health) provides education, a focus on safety for the patient, support for the caregiver, and skills building to help caregivers manage difficult patient behaviors and decrease their own stress.

RCI REACH is a free  program available to anyone caring for a person with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis or any other form of  dementia.

RCI REACH is focused on the specific needs of the caregiver, not the patient, and you will be assigned a “Caregiver Coach” who will meet with you a couple of times a month, at a place and time that works best for you. You and your coach will decide what challenges should be addressed and together you will work to find solutions.

To learn more about and discuss the benefits of the RCI REACH program, please call us at 912.629.1331.
We would be happy to make the necessary referral on your behalf.

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